Connected Services

    Subscribing your vehicle(s) to Groupe PSA's Connected Services is mandatory in order to retrieve data.


    Groupe PSA APIs is the technical interface available for application developers in order to retrieve data.

    However, to access thoses data from your vehicles or from your users vehicles, you need to make sure that these 3 conditions are fulfilled:

    • the car or the fleet is subscribed to the appropriates services.
    • your developer account has subscribed to a plan to the API that fit your needs of request.
    • set-up your authorization to the API.


    Car Services are products subscribed by an user on a vehicle or a fleet of vehicles. It can be purchased when you buy the vehicle or online. A car service is bind to a vehicle and to a data scope.

    Example: TMTS for “tele-maintenance tele-service”, allow to retrieve a scope of data related to maintenance. Browse our catalog for a list of available data.

    Buy a service


    These SLA are subscriptions to plans that allow access to Groupe PSA APIs.

    Data about your vehicles or your users vehicles are processed and stored in our dedicated system. In order to access our retrieval services APIs, you have to subscribe to an API plan or SLA, depending on how much request you need.

    APIs plans

    If you are a fleet owner, please contact your contact person in Groupe PSA. If you are a developer for end-user app, got to as explained in this tutorial.


    In order to access online data about your car there are two options:

    • You own a fleet of Groupe PSA’s vehicles. In this case, you can access your vehicles data as you wish. Your fleet need to be subscribed to the appropriate Car Services depending on the data you want to retrieve. Then you can follow this tutorial that explain the process of authentication for fleet owner.
    • You are a developer and you want to develop end-users application. You can create an account and subscribe following this step-by-step. Then you will need to enroll your user using OAuth2 authorization protocol. Your users will necessarily be subscribed to the appropriate Car Services as described above.



    Look at our data catalog to find what kind of information are available in the API.


    Our APIs are affected by vehicle privacy settings, see our dedicated page for more info.