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    Info: Stellantis Mobile SDK for ex Groupe PSA brands (Citroën, DS, Peugeot, Opel and Vauxhall) is not publicly available for now.

    In order to use Mobile SDK API, you should first perform the appropriate security schemes.

    Security Requirements #

    The security scheme you need to perform depends on the API to request. Each API has a different security requirements.

    • 🔓 Authentication: authentication with email & password. This layer of security will request and store a token required for most of this SDK APIs.
    • 📑 Subscription: API might require more security than authentication. A dedicated feature called Service Activation Steps will provide guidance in this process.
      • 📱 Device Enrollment: enroll a device by performing a two-factor authentication with the user phone number.
      • 🔑 CarKey: a security layer checking if the user is in possession of the vehicle keys. This has to be performed only once to unlock the service.

    Which security should I use?  #

    Feature Required Security
    🕹 Remote Commands 🔓 Authentication is required.
    📑 Subscribtion (check-out Steps)
    📡 Vehicle Status 🔓 Authentication is required.
    📑 Subscribtion (check-out Steps)
    📍 Trips 🔓 Authentication is required.
    🏁 Send Navigation 🔓 Authentication is required.
    🚙 AMI & Rocks-e ✅ No security (no account access)

    Other Security Info #

    Other security process, they are not mandatory but could be also interesting:

    • ✉️ OTP Code: One Time Password, OTP should be handled in response to error 2302: missing OTP code.