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Info: Stellantis Mobile SDK is not publicly available.

In order to use Mobile SDK API, you should first perform the appropriate security schemes.

Security Requirements #

The security scheme you need to perform depends on the API to request. Each API has a different security requirements.

  • 🔓 Authentication: authentication with email & password. This layer of security will request and store a token required for most of this SDK APIs.
  • 📑 Subscription: API might require more security than authentication. A dedicated feature called Service Activation Steps will provide guidance in this process.
    • 📱 Device Enrollment: enroll a device by performing a two-factor authentication with the user phone number.
    • 🔑 CarKey: a security layer checking if the user is in possession of the vehicle keys. This has to be performed only once to unlock the service.

Which security should I use?  #

Feature Required Security
🕹 Remote Commands 🔓 Authentication is required.
📑 Subscribtion (check-out Steps)
🚗 Vehicle Status 🔓 Authentication is required.
📑 Subscribtion (check-out Steps)
🔔 Push Notification 🔓 Authentication is required.
📍 Trips 🔓 Authentication is required.
🏁 Send Navigation 🔓 Authentication is required.
🚙 AMI & Rocks-e ✅ No security (no account access)

Other Security Info #

Other security process, they are not mandatory but could be also interesting:

  • ✉️ OTP Code: One Time Password, OTP should be handled in response to error 2302: missing OTP code.
  • 🪙 Token: This feature allows retrieving tokens in order to request REST APIs not included in this SDK.