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    API Reference v2 - Changelog

    Note: Groupe PSA's Fleet Owner APIs are made for PSA business partners owning fleet of vehicles. If you are looking for end-user APIs please look at this.
    Version Name
    b2b_v2.0.7 2.0.7
    b2b_v2.0.6 2.0.6
    b2b_v2.0.5 2.0.5
    b2b_v2.0.3-P6 Fix naming & enums
    b2b_v2.0.3-P5 Misprints & Missing format & Remove collision + profile
    b2b_v2.0.3-P4 Security & TimeStamp
    b2b_v2.0.3-P3 Align with v3
    b2b_v2.0.3 Candiate version

    b2b_v2.0.7 #

    Published On 19 Apr 2021
    • Update pattern for trigger names
    • Remove telemetry Links for fleets
    • Remove label for GET /Vehicles
    • Update alert vehicle list

    b2b_v2.0.6 #

    Published On 24 Feb 2021
    • Remove fleet/{fid}/telemetries API

    b2b_v2.0.5 #

    Published On 9 Feb 2021
    • Update Typo (Descriptions, Patterns…)
    • Removing onChange for maintenance monitors
    • Remove indexRange for /fleets & /fleets/{fid}/vehicles

    b2b_v2.0.3-P6 #

    Published On 6 Jan 2021
    • Fix door.states enum by vehicle.doorsStates in extendedEventParam object
    • Fix alerts enum by vehicle.alerts in extendedEventParam object
    • Replacement OnChange by onChange in monitors descriptions
    • Replacement Estimate enum to Estimated in lastPosition object

    b2b_v2.0.3-P5 #

    Published On 10 Nov 2020
    • Delete createdAt from odemeter object
    • Fix misprint odemeter in telemetryExtension
    • Fix includedIn keyword
    • Remove API collision
    • Remove Profile feature
    • Replacement of energy by energies in API Status & Telemetries
    • Fix missing type for brand field in vehicles object
    • Replacement of startdAt by startedAt in alerts object
    • Add missing format for type: number

    b2b_v2.0.3-P4 #

    Published On 14 Oct 2020
    • Add Open API SPEC (V3) security schemes support.
    • Temporarily remove time repeat feature in time stamps spec.

    b2b_v2.0.3-P3 #

    Published On 21 Sep 2020

    Align API B2B v2 with API B2B v2

    Spec version : b2b_v2.0.3-P3

    b2b_v2.0.3 #

    Published On 02 Sep 2019

    Candiate version

    Spec version : b2b_v2.0.3