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    Overview - About Versions

    Note: Groupe PSA's Fleet Owner APIs are made for PSA business partners owning fleet of vehicles. If you are looking for end-user APIs please look at this.

    Versions #

    Groupe PSA B2B WEB API exists under two versions. Depending on which service you have subscribed, you should use v2 or v3 URL.

    They are very similar to each other but there are some exceptions:

    • Monitors are only available in the deprecated way in WEB API v2. In WEB API v3 you can choose between the new format and the deprecated one. We strongly recommend you to use the new format.
    • Remotes are not available in WEB API v2.

    URL #

    Here is the URL of the API:

    Where {version} depends on your subscription:

    • v2: connected fleet / TMTS / UBI
    • v3: delegation publique