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Info: Stellantis End User API for ex Groupe PSA brands (Citroën, DS, Peugeot, Opel and Vauxhall) is not publicly available.

Webhook Template #

What we offer with monitor is a simple way to process large amount of vehicle data. Although, you have to develop on your side a dedicated webhook able to receive our events.

Response to Notification


When your server receives a notification from a monitor, it should always return an HTTP response.

In order to manage our system of notification it is important that your web server follows the following rules regarding HTTP status:

  • HTTP 200 OK: your server has received the notification (no matter if your system failed during the processing of this notification)
  • HTTP 500 Internal Server Error: the notification hasn’t been received.

Note: 200 OK should always be the response of your server if it received the notification. It should not be taken into account if your server success or not in the processing of this notification. In any case it is always possible to retrieve the state of a vehicle using the REST API.

Note 2: these HTTP status are the only one supported by our notification system. Please do not use any other HTTP status. Otherwise, it could lead to a failure regarding following notification (or retry policy).

Webhook Specification

This web server needs to be configured to read & process our events in order that you get informed about what’s happening to your vehicles in real time. Below is the webhook template specification, it describes the HTTP callback you will receive.

Note: HTTPS must be supported and a certificate issued by a trusted public and known CA must be provided. Indeed, the URL of your webhook must be the same as the one specified in when you created the callback.

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