Webportal v1

embedded apps

    Interactivity - Managing Embedded


    When receiving data from your server, if:

    • The NAC module is active
    • Your application is launched (not in background)

    Then we are in the Foreground case.

    If at least one of those 2 conditions is not fulfilled then we are in the Background case.


    When both WebPortal and your application are running, your messages are transmitted directly by WebPortal using the HTML5 API window.postMessage()

    To retrieve your messages you have to implement the "message" event handler and filter on the type WebPortal.onCurrentNotificationReceived

    Implementation example:

    window.addEventListener('message', function(messageEvent) {
    	var webportalMessage = messageEvent.data;
    	if (webportalMessage.type === 'WebPortal.onCurrentNotificationReceived') {
    	    var mqttMessagePayload = webportalMessage.value;
    	    var appServerMessage = mqttMessagePayload.content;
    	    // Use your own application message handler


    When WebPortal is in background or your application isn’t running, WebPortal keeps in cache memory the last 10 data messages sent to your application.

    To retrieve those pending messages you have to use the WebPortal.getPendingNotifications() method that is directly injected in your application’s window object and so can be called directly.

    In order to retrieve the messages over time, you can call this method:

    • at fixed interval, using setTimeout or setInterval
    • when detecting the following WebPortal events being triggered:
      • WebPortal.onApplicationShow
      • WebPortal.onApplicationHide

    Implementation example:

     * Get the buffered messages for application 'appId'
     * and clean/reset the WebPortal's buffer
     * @param {string} Application id
     * @return {array} List of buffered MQTT messages or empty array if none
    WebPortal.getPendingNotifications = function(appId) {};
    const MY_APP_ID = 'some_id';
    (function processWebportalPendingNotifications() {
    	var pendingNotifications = WebPortal.getPendingNotifications(MY_APP_ID);
    	for (var i = 0; i < pendingNotifications.length; ++i) {
    		var mqttMessage = pendingNotifications[i];
    		mqttMessage = {
    			"content": {
    				// application data here
    		//Use your own function to process the message
    	setTimeout(processWebportalPendingNotifications, 5000);