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    Quickstart - API Request



    Postmessage postMessage is a browser API that you need to work with while using Stellantis Embedded Webportal for ex Groupe PSA brands (Citroën, DS, Peugeot, Opel and Vauxhall).

    As your App is a dedicated Window object, postMessage is a way to communicate with webportal. Doing so, you’re app is able to request info about the vehicle as well as sending data to it!

    Here is a typical postMessage that you need to send to webportal in order to communicate with the vehicle:

    var requestId = generateRandomId();
    parent.postMessage('*', {
        "id": requestId,
        "type": "GET",
        "api": "configuration.VIN",
        "params": null


    Description of the message:

    Name Value Type API Type Value Description Required
    id string Get, Set, Subscribe n/a This is the uniq Id of your request it will be inside every respond to this request, this way you will be able to identify response to this particular request. You have to generate this Id by yourself. Yes
    type Enum of strings Get, Set, Subscribe ['GET', 'SET', 'SUBSCRIBE'] Type of your request, see below. Yes
    api string Get, Set, Subscribe n/a Name of the API. Find a list here Yes
    params string or object Get, Set, Subscribe n/a This field is where you will pass the parameters required (or not) for this API. If there is no parameter for this API it should be null. Yes
    period number Subscribe n/a Period of time in seconds between subscribe’s message update. No
    tolerance number Subscribe n/a For API returning continuous value, this field will set a limit under which you will not be triggered. to be No

    See how to get the response!