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Connected Cars

PG4D - Groupe PSA for Developers

    PG4D is Groupe PSA platform for developers. Here you can find everything about our APIs ans SDKs. Whether you are working by yourself or being part of a company, this platform will let you access documentation about our products for connected cars.
    You will be able to access our web api in order to retrieve your vehicle data and send remote commands, develop apps for your vehicles embedded screen and use our mobile SDK to remote control your car using Bluetooth.
    Choose one of our API and start your tour by reading the doc!

    Web API  

    Groupe PSA's Web APIs implements all the resources you need to retrieve from your vehicles and remote control. It’s based on standards: OpenAPIv3, JSON & HAL.

    Embedded WebPortal  

    The WebPortal is the browser allowing users to launch Web Applications directly from the media system of their Groupe PSA's car.

    SDK Mobile  

    Groupe PSA's Connected Vehicles SDK let your mobile application benefits of remote vehicles features.