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    The WebPortal is the browser allowing users to launch authorized Web Applications directly from the media system of their car. All the applications function on a subscription basis and their presence on the welcome page is automatically managed by the WebPortal.

    Image of Main Screen

    The WebPortal relies on REST API and MQTT protocol.

    WebPortal Schema


    When the system starts, a menu appears where the user can choose to access the Connected Apps:

    Image of Main Screen

    They then reach the main menu containing the applications they are subscribed to:

    App Wall


    Usually in-board screen is located on the dashboard of the car between driver and passenger.

    There are 3 different screen resolutions depending on car model and generation.

    The screen is divided in 3 areas: one is for your app while two others areas are dedicated to car system info. Here is actual available screen size: SD = 800 x 363 px ; HD = 1280 x 582 px ; WHD = 1280 x 620 px.


     Grey : Total screen size.

     Blue : Part of the screen dedicated to the infotainment system.

    Green: Part of the screen available for your app.

    Standard-Definition screen-res-sd

    High-Definition screen-res-hd

    Wide High-Definition screen-res-whd


    The WebPortal will manage resources for your application to have access to data regarding the Car or the media. To start deploying your Application, you have to create the html, css and js files and send them to PSA for validation first.

    Be careful: your app is a single page application. It means that you must have only one html file (‘index.html’) in your project.

    Using the provided WebPortal API your App will be able to get information about:

    • Radio: the current channel, the text displayed…
    • Navigation: the position, the destination, important milestones…
    • Privacy: the preferences of the user regarding their privacy
    • Car: the speed, the autonomy of the car…

    Some functionalities are restricted and so may require special permission from PSA in order to be used in your application.


    Knowledge of:

    • MQTT protocol
    • HTML5 window.postMessage APIs
    • JSON Serialization format

    NAC #

    The NAC, from the french “NAvigation Connectée” - Connected Navigation, is the system on which the WebPortal is running.

    There exists 3 differents generations of the NAC each new one coming with its own new functionalities:

    NAC wave 2.1 - using QtWebKit 5.2.1 based on WebKit from July 2013 (r153112).

    NAC wave 3 - using QtWebKit 5.5.0 based on the upstream trunk subversion revision 153112.

    NAC wave 4- using QtWebKit 5.5.0 based on the upstream trunk subversion revision 153112.


    WAVE 2

    SW version Percentage of vehicles Trend of use 26% 17%
    10:90:42 12%
    10:47:34 11%
    10:82:12 6%
    10:68:24 4%

    WAVE 3

    SW version Percentage of vehicles Trend of use 14% 3%
    10:50:42 1%

    WAVE 4

    SW version Percentage of vehicles Trend of use 2% 1% 1% 0%


    A Quick Start guide is provided to help you get started.


    The complete API Documentation can be found here.