Privacy Settings

Privacy settings are set in the infotainment system by the owner of the vehicle. Find information about these settings here.

In Vehicle Privacy

Infotainment Settings


Depending on the connected services subscribed by the owner of the vehicles, relevant data will be sent to Stellantis servers through mobile network.

Within the vehicle infotainment system, the user can select between 3 privacy settings:

  • Data & Location: geolocation & subscribed services relevant data are refreshed.
  • Data: subscribed services relevant data’s is refreshed, but geolocation is not.
  • Plane Mode: neither data nor geolocation are refreshed.

This setting will impact your ability to retrieve data in our APIs.

Effect on WebPortal

As an embedded application developer (Webportal v1 & v2), only API that match the current privacy are available. That’s why your application needs to handle the privacy settings selected by the user. See privacy webportal v1 or privacy Webportal v2 for more info.

You can retrieve required level of privacy of each API in the references: Webportal v1 or Webportal v2.

Effect on Web API

If you are a fleet owner (WEB API B2B) you can access your vehicle data. However, in order to be compliant with GDPR, you should use the query parameter profile as described here.

If you are developing end-user applications (Web API B2C v4), you can only access data that match the current privacy mode of the vehicle.

Reminder: Whatever the privacy selected in the vehicle, you can only access the data allowed in the data scope of the Connected Vehicle Services your vehicle subscribed.

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