Webportal v1

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    The WebPortal is the browser allowing users to launch authorized Web Applications directly from the media system of their car. All the applications function on a subscription basis and their presence on the welcome page is automatically managed by the WebPortal.

    Image of Main Screen

    The WebPortal relies on REST API and MQTT protocol.

    WebPortal Schema


    The API will allow you to do the following:

    • Car: Get information about the vehicle: VIN code, Fuel type, unit and level, Current speed and unit, Mileage and distance unit, Autonomy, level of battery and fuel, the driving state, the time,
    • Connectivity: Detect the connectivity status
    • Device: Request a popup, get hardware and software version of the system,
    • HMI: Information on the user, UIN, language, country,
    • Media: Information on the media: album name, artist name, current track, state of the media, type of media
    • Navigation: Get the current position info, destination info, maneuver info, journey info, waypoint info, start new journey,
    • Phone: Launch phone call,
    • Privacy: Manage privacy mode of user
    • Radio: Information on the radio: frequency, preset…
    • System: Settings action reserved to administrative use
    • Webportal: All the events associated to user interaction or due to server


    When the system starts, a menu appears where the user can choose to access the Connected Apps:

    Image of Main Screen

    They then reach the main menu containing the applications they are subscribed to:

    App Wall