Webportal v2

embedded apps

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    WebPortal V2 or IVI (for InVehicle Infotainment system) is the second version of embedded webportal. As first version, webportal is a browser that is used to launch authorized Application in the vehicle infotainment system.


    Here the various features of webportal embedded apps API’:

    • Apps Get info related to embedded app execution in webportal.
    • Browser Be informed of the browser window settings.
    • Configuration Retrieve info about the vehicle and the infotainment System config.
    • Connectivity Detect and interact with MQTT connectivity.
    • Driving Information about driving data as speed, driving state etc.
    • Engine Engine data like mileage, energy type.
    • HMI Get informed and interact with the HMI (notification, toast…)
    • Navigation Get the current position info, destination info, maneuver info, journey info, waypoint info, start new journey…
    • Phone Manage phone calls.
    • Settings Retrieve language or country info…
    • System Settings action reserved to administrative use
    • WebPortal All the events associated to user interaction or due to server.