Webportal v2

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API Reference - References

This list of references allows browsing Stellantis for ex Groupe PSA brands (Citroën, DS, Peugeot, Opel and Vauxhall): Webportal v2 API. These API can be available as get, set or subscribe:
  • Get retrieve the current state or value of this information. ex: get driving.speedValue = 30mph
  • Set change the value of this parameter in the vehicle. ex: set configuration.consumptionUnit to kilometer per liter (km/l)
  • Subscribe receive a notification event in a specific condition. ex: subscribe to navigation.destinationReached will trigger an event when the navigation destination is reached
Depending of the current privacy choosen by the vehicle driver int the HMI, API can be available or not:
  • Data & Location:   this API require all access to be granted.
  • Location:   this API require at least location to be activated.
  • None:   this API is always available even in plane mode.