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Overview - About this API

Info: Stellantis Fleet Owner API for ex Groupe PSA brands (Citroën, DS, Peugeot, Opel and Vauxhall) is made for organisations owning fleet of vehicles.

Stellantis WEB API for Fleet Owner is a REST API implementing various endpoints allowing to work with ex-PSA vehicles (Citroën, DS, Peugeot, Opel and Vauxhall).

These are the main features of this API:

  • 🚙 Remote data access: brand, model, maintenance, collisions, trips of the infotainment system, vehicle alerts, real-time location, etc.
  • 🔔 Custom events (Monitors): Set up & receive notifications about the vehicle. Example: receive vehicle info when then battery is under 20% of charge.
  • 🕹 Remote control (Remotes): Send remote actions to vehicles like: ❄️ preconditionning programs, 🔈 honk the horn , 💡 turn on/off the lights , 🚪 open doors , 🔋 start a charge etc.

How does it work? #

Vehicles are using various sensors which aim to improve security and driving experience in the vehicle, these data are available for the development of in-vehicle applications but this Web API provides vehicle data from outside of the vehicle.


If an application requires info about a vehicle, appropriate data are collected & sent to Stellantis servers via cellular networks. This makes sure that the data are available whether the vehicle is online or not.

Data are then unified & processed, these steps ensure that the data provided within this API share the same format in spite of the different types of vehicles and generation,

Data Refreshment: data are refreshed from the vehicle to Stellantis on a regular basis (every 1 min before 2019, more frequently after) and also on vehicle events (ex: turning on the vehicle).

API Concepts

This page describes the concepts & structure of this API.