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Remote - Retry Policy

Info: Stellantis Fleet Owner API for ex Groupe PSA brands (Citroën, DS, Peugeot, Opel and Vauxhall) is made for organisations owning fleet of vehicles.

When a remote is set up, a retry policy must be set up in case the HTTP notification does not reach the server.

Retry policy will be triggered when the server in charge of receiving the Remote notification is not acknowledging the notification correctly. It’s the case if the response to the HTTP notification is anything else than an HTTP 2XX.

Retry policy is not made for data storage use! It is a remedial tool in case of service failure of the server where the notification should be received.

Retry policy can be set to none, bounded or always, but in any case the maximum period of retry for a notification message is 3 days.

Available Policies #

In this case the notification message will be stored & it will be sent again based on the retryPolicy decided for this remote.

Policies - None & Bounded
"retryPolicy": {
    "policy": "None"
"retryPolicy": {
    "policy": "Bounded"

When the retry policy is set to None or Bounded, if the HTTP notification is not received, the message will be sent again:

  • None: only one single retry.
  • Bounded: with a limited number of retries set with retryNumber & retryDelay for a maximum of 3 days.

Maximum Retention Time #

In case the retry policy is set to Bounded , the notification will be resent for a maximum of 3 days at the frequency set in retryDelay.

After 3 days of retry the notification message is deleted. However, it’s still possible to retrieve vehicle data using the REST API within the normal period of 2 months.

After the first notification not processed, other notification messages being triggered in this monitor will also continue to be sent for 3 days after the moment they were triggered.

Enter Retry Policy #

Retry policy is applied if the server is not responding HTTP code 2XX (for example, another HTTP code or a time-out) to a notification send by the remote.

The notification is stored, and it will be sent again according to the policy.

Get Out of Retry Policy #

To get out of retry policy the server needs to respond “2XX” to any new attempt to send the notification. If it happens, the remote is removed from retry policy and all stored HTTP notifications are sent. Otherwise, messages are deleted but vehicle data are still available through the REST API.