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Application - Privacy

The vehicle privacy setting impact vehicle APIs usage. Some APIs are available only in certain privacy modes.

Inboard Setting #

Within the vehicle infotainment system HMI, the user/driver can select various privacy settings:

  • Data & Location: geolocation & data are enabled.
  • Data: data is enabled but the location is not.
  • Plane/Private Mode: neither data nor geolocation are available.

Vehicle APIs are privacy-sensitive: if the privacy setting is not Data & Location, some features are not available.


WebPortal API #

According to the inboard privacy setting, vehicle APIs can be disabled. That’s why it is required to handle the privacy mode in the project; indeed, some APIs could be unavailable if the privacy setting does not meet the requirements.

In WebPortal references, you can find icons related to each API required permission:

  • Data & Location:  this API requires all access to be granted.
    Privacy mode should be Data & Location
  • Location:  this API requires at least location to be activated.
    Privacy mode should be Data & Location or Location
  • None:  this API is always available, even in plane mode.
    Privacy mode can be Data & Location, Location or Private/Plane mode