accessing party for end-users

API Reference - Changelog

Info: Stellantis Accessing Party for End-Users API for ex Groupe PSA brands (Citro├źn, DS, Peugeot, Opel and Vauxhall) is available only on request.

Published On 25 Jan 2024

v4.16.0 #

Trips API

  • Add /user/vehicles/{id}/trips
  • Add /user/vehicles/{id}/trips/{tid}

Callbacks API

  • Update push notification attribute list & description


  • Complete missing examples

Published On 28 Nov 2023

v4.15.1 #

Status API

  • Add alarm object
  • Update energies to add extension.electric.charging.type, extension.electric.charging.schedule, extension.electric.charging.chargingPowerLevel
  • Add startingCause in preconditioning object
  • Update failureCause enum list in preconditioning object

Remote API

  • Add POST /user/vehicles/{id}/callbacks/{cbid}/remotes endpoint
  • Add GET /user/vehicles/{id}/callbacks/{cbid}/remotes endpoint
  • Add GET /user/vehicles/{id}/callbacks/{cbid}/remotes/{rid} endpoint

Callbacks API

  • Update pushnotif supported attributes
  • Update websocket and webhook lifecycle management.

Monitors API

  • Update data trigger type and add of new datatriggers


  • Add OAut2.0 treatment per API endpoint
  • Update wording and examples

Published On 17 Oct 2023

v4.10.1 #

Vehicles API

  • Deprecate brand/label/pictures data
  • Add extension to manage onboardCapabilities, branding, pictures data
  • Add query parameter extension
  • Add query parameter vinPrefix for /user/vehicles

Status API

  • Deprecate service, preconditioning and energy objects
  • Add energies, drivingBehavior, lightingSystem, alarm, powertrain, engines objects
  • Remove extension odometer & kinetic which are now available at root level of status object
  • Add updatedAt value at root level of status object
  • Ignition - Rename updatedAt by createdAt in ignition object
  • Ignition - Remove unnecessary free enum value for ignition.type
  • Last position - Remove updatedAt date in lastPosition
  • Last position - Move createdAt date from lastPosition to lastPosition.properties
  • Last position - Add fixStatus in lastPosition.properties
  • Environment - Remove updatedAt date
  • Environment - Move createdAt date from enviroment to environment.air and environment.luminosity
  • Safety - Remove betlWarning that is replaced by beltStatus
  • Safety - Remove eCallTriggeringRequest that is replaced by autoECallTriggering
  • Battery - Remove battery.current value
  • Kinetic - Remove pace data
  • DoorState - Remove updatedAt that is replaced by createdAt
  • DoorState - Remove lockedState that is replaced by lockedStates
  • Preconditionning - Remove updatedAt that is replaced by createdAt
  • Preconditionning - Deprecated updatedAt date

Monitor API

  • Add GET /user/vehicles/{id}/callbacks/{cbid}/monitors
  • Add POST/user/vehicles/{id}/callbacks/{cbid}/monitors
  • Add PUT/user/vehicles/{id}/callbacks/{cbid}/monitors/{mid}
  • Add GET/user/vehicles/{id}/callbacks/{cbid}/monitors/{mid}
  • Add DELETE/user/vehicles/{id}/callbacks/{cbid}/monitors/{mid}
  • Add PUT/user/vehicles/{id}/callbacks/{cbid}/monitors/{mid}/status

Callback API

  • GET/user/callbacks
  • POST/user/callbacks
  • PUT/user/callbacks/{cbid}
  • GET/user/callbacks/{cbid}
  • DELETE/user/callbacks/{cbid}
  • PUT/user/callbacks/{cbid}/status

Published On 11 Apr 2019

v4.0.0 #

First Release